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XL Conta DNA

We are your strategic partnership for success in an increasingly competitive and diverse business environment.

With XL Conta, you don't just receive specialized and multidisciplinary services, but a partner who understands the inherent challenges and is prepared to develop customized solutions that will deliver measurable results.

Our goal is for the client to benefit from a network of services under one brand - XL Conta - a brand that is close and people-oriented, operating from Tavira, Quinta do Lago, Lisbon, and Madrid.

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A crossover between generations

A crossover between generations

Founded in 1993, XL Conta is the result of a generational meeting, bringing a new vision to the market that has set us apart from the beginning. Confident in our knowledge, experience, and innovation, our team stands out for its technical solidity and professional accuracy, but also for the human qualities that enrich XL Conta, our clients, and the society around us.

Our focus is on specialized services in accounting, tax consulting, and business management as a whole. This is complemented by the provision of services and solutions in tax optimization, business internationalization, startup business, and information technologies.

We move through a common culture and a set of fundamental values

Knowledge and Innovation

What sets us apart is our ability to view your sphere through various lenses. With the intervention of a specialized team, we bring out the true potential of your business.

Client Proximity

Using communication channels such as newsletters and regular updates, we reinforce added value in maintaining a long-term relationship.

Our purpose is to build a better business world - the basis of our corporate culture and sustainable business model. The insights and services we provide help create long-term value and trusting relationships for customers, people and society.


To adapt to the needs of the client and their business.


Our approach is not only reactive but proactive. We anticipate trends and implement innovative strategies that not only address current issues but also position your business for sustainable future success.

We are ESG



Ensuring trust. We facilitate our clients in sharing a conscious and futuristic vision of progress concerning their envisioned objectives and ensure the implementation of sustainability initiatives.



Accelerating the transition. We assist our clients in implementing sustainability strategies – with the intervention of the document management process (100% digital).



Reshaping strategies. We assist our clients in creating a strategy that allows sustainability to generate long-term value for the company and potential investors.

Less paper more Sustainability 100% Digital

Less paper more Sustainability 100% Digital

Process optimization and sustainability are the factors in which digital transformation has had the greatest impact. This transformation reduces the margin of error, increases process speed, efficiency, and, above all, the quality of processed information.

When values such as digital transformation and sustainability are no longer taboo, the true challenge for companies begins.

We provide document management services for greater efficiency in the accounting and tax process, which in itself increases security, reduces costs, and enables the achievement of high levels of organizational agility that drive your business forward.